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$3 Chillum

Limit 1 at $3 with any order $200+

Premium organic CO2 oil.  The Chillum come in Indica or Sativa, 500mg vaporizer cartridges.

$30.00 $3.00

Absolute Xtracts – AC/DC 500MG CBD

500MG AC/DC - High CBD Strain. THC 2.80% CBD 68.3% It's a concentrated, highly aromatic oil from an extraction process specifically designed for delicate Cannabis flowers.

5 out of 5

Absolute Xtracts 500mg Vape Cart

Strain specific
100% Super Critical Cannabis Oil
Cold extraction method
Laboratory tested for purity and quality


Absolute Xtracts Electronic Button Vaporizer Pen

Absolute Xtracts adjustable heat pen with button, ON/OFF click button 5X, press button twice to preheat the coil. You will see a rainbow effect as the battery preheats. Press the button 3 times to change heat settings. Green = Low 3.6 Volts : Blue = Medium 3.8 Volts : Red […]


Alpha Extracts CO2 Cannabis Oil – Solvent Free 1ML

Alpha Extracts CO2 Cannabis Oil - Solvent Free 1ML Choice of Indica, Sativa, Hybrid


Beach420 Vape Cartridge 1000mg

Premium organic CO2 oil.  The Beach420 carts come in Indica, Sativa or Hybrids, 1000mg vaporizer cartridges.  Strains vary.


Beach420 Vape Cartridges

Premium organic CO2 oil.  The Beach420 carts come in Indica, Sativa or Hybrids, 1000mg or 500mg vaporizer cartridges.  Strains vary.


Beach420 Vape Cartridges 500mg

Premium organic CO2 oil.  The Beach420 carts come in Indica, Sativa or Hybrids, 500mg vaporizer cartridges.  Strains vary.


Bhang Stick – CO2 Vape Cart

CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Half gram carts with PURE Pharmaceutical grade oil. 550mgSativaIndicaHybrid

5 out of 5
$45.00 $35.00

Bloom Farms Highlighter Pen

DAYTIME – NIGHTTIME  • 500MG  Available in indica, sativa and hybrid blends.  Each package includes a 500mg 510-thread cartridge filled with all-natural, organic cannabis vapor oil. 100% lifetime guarantee. (3 for $110)


Blueberry Kush – Kush Candy 500mg INDICA

3 for $105:  Blueberry Kush (Kushberry) is the perfect blend of two West Coast flavors, Blueberry from Oregon and the OG Kush from LA.

$40.00 $35.00

Brass Knuckles Brand Button Pen

Brass Knuckles Brand Button Vape Pen Original Sleek Wood Design



3 FOR $180.  1 Full Gram of Fire!  Super Premium Concentrate in a Superior Quartz Cartridge.


Brass Knuckles Limited Edition Vape

3 FOR $180.  1 Full Gram of Fire!  Super Premium Concentrate in a Superior Quartz Cartridge.



3 FOR $180.  1 Full Gram of Fire!  Super Premium Concentrate in a Superior Quartz Cartridge.


Brass Knuckles Super Premium Vapes

3 FOR $180.  1 Full Gram of Fire!  Super Premium Concentrate in a Superior Quartz Cartridge.



Premium organic CO2 oil.  The Chillum come in Indica or Sativa, 500mg vaporizer cartridges.


Electronic Buttonless Vape Pen Kit

SMOKING ACCESSORY - Electronic Buttonless Vape Pen Kit"Comes with one standard 510 threading Electronic Vaporizer pen and a compact USB charger. The soft end works as a stylus for most touch screens.


Electronic Vape Kit

SMOKING ACCESSORY - ELECTRONIC VAPORIZER KITComes with one standard 510 threading Electronic Vaporizer pens and USB charger.



SMOKING ACCESSORY - ELECTRONIC VAPORIZER KITComes with one standard 510 threading Electronic Vaporizer pens and USB charger.


Girl Scout Cookies – Kush Candy 500mg INDICA

3 for $105: GSC is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has gained immense popularity due to its fruity, earthy, and cotton candy flavor.  This marijuana strain is potent enough to last all day long. It has a strong body buzz. It invokes creativity and euphoria. 

$40.00 $35.00

Innovative Extractions Co2 Cannabs Oil

Innovative Extractions Co2 Cannabs Oil - Solvent FreeContents: 5mlActive Ingredients: THC: 80% CBD: 9.6% CBN: 10.4%


IVXX 500mg Vape Cartridge

  • Strain specific (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid)
  • CO2 Extracted
IVXX™ concentrates are produced in an innovative and advanced laboratory, equipped with custom-designed, state-of-the-art extraction and refinement technologies.

$40.00 $30.00

Mighty Med Vape Cart – 500 mg – MIGHTY OR CLARITY

This Mighty Med Vaporizer Cartridge contains 500 mg of highly potent THC.  Indica: The "Mighty" is the strongest cartridge Mighty Med Vape makes and delivers quick onset of effects.  Sativa: "Clarity" offers energizing and creative effects, without the heavy medicated feeling.

4 out of 5

OG Kush – Kush Candy 500mg INDICA

3 for $105: OG Kush has an herbal, woody taste of OG kush will make you think it was just plucked out of the earth.  The smell to OG Kush would be best described as a sour citrus dominated by a woody pine stench.

$40.00 $35.00

Pineapple Express – Kush Candy 500mg HYBRID

3 for $105: Pineapple Express - Kush Candy 500mg HYBRID

$40.00 $35.00

Strawberry Cough – Kush Candy 500mg SATIVA

3 for $105: Cerebral, uplifting effects provide an aura of euphoria that is sure to leave a smile on your face.  Known for its sweet smell of fresh strawberries and an expanding sensation that can make even the most seasoned consumer cough, Strawberry Cough is a potent sativa.

$40.00 $35.00

Super Lemon Haze – Kush Candy 500mg SATIVA

3 for $105: Super Lemon Haze extract stands out as a model specimen. Rich with citrusy terpene notes, the lemon flavor is acidic but, just as with any well grown Super Lemon Haze flower. Sweet, and candied and citrusy.

$40.00 $35.00

Tangerine Dream – Kush Candy 500mg HYBRID

3 for $105: Tangerine Dream is known to have the uplifting euphoric feelings of a sativa with the muscle relaxing of an indica. Great for daytime use as it keeps you upbeat, clear minded and at ease so you can still keep up with your daily routines.

$40.00 $35.00


TLABS PUREGOLD CART - 1.0G, Flavors:  Classic, Spearmint, Creme Brulee, Pineapple.    E- Vape cartridge with 1.0g of PureGold, the core active ingredient in all TetraLabs products, offers rapid relief for appetite loss, nausea, inflammation, pain and other symptoms. PureGold is not an extract or hash oil. Rather, it consists of the pure cannabinoids that are refined from hash oil.

$40.00$70.00 $40.00$60.00

USB Vaporizer Charger

SMOKING ACCESSORY - ELECTRONIC VAPORIZER CHARGER ONLYOne standard 510 threading Electronic Vaporizer USB Charger.


VAPE SPECIAL – TetraLabs Vape Earl Grey

FINAL SALE: There are no returns or exchanges on SALE items, please inspect items carefully at time of delivery.

$70.00 $50.00




Varavo Cartridges – INDICA or SATIVA

1 Gram of Cannabis Oil with 700mg pure THC, a Potency of 70% THC. (INDICA OR SATIVA)

5 out of 5

Watermelon – Kush Candy 500mg HYBRID

3 for $105: Watermelon - Kush Candy 500mg HYBRID

$40.00 $35.00

Terms & Conditions

Specials & Promos may change without notice and are subject to availability. Discounts, coupons and specials cannot be combined.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and remove promotions at any time. Delivery minimums and other restrictions may apply.

Delivery Area

Orders that are 15+ miles from Oceanside Beaches MAY be subject to a $10 delivery fee. This includes some areas of Escondido, Vista, Rancho Santa Fe. NO SHIPPING ANYWHERE, LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY

Required Documents:
Valid California ID & Medical Marijuana Recommendation from CA Physician

Exchange Policy

All vaporizer cartridge purchases are final unless there is material defect in the product. Flower and concentrates may be exchanged only if the products are undisturbed. Edibles are not exchangeable. No partial returns or exchanges are accepted of any kind, once any portion of the product is opened and/or used. 

Vaporizer Policy

All vaporizer cartridge purchases are final unless there is material defect in the product. We will charge a $10 service fee if there is no defect in a vape product or due to user error.  Always check your vape battery level and the manufacturer's usage instructions. Do not over tighten a vape cartridge.  Generally, Cartridges that leak or become damaged on variable temperature vape batteries are are not-exchangeable.  We recommend to always shut off vape battery and/or remove cartridge, store both in a cool dry location.  Cartridges that leak and were left in a purse, pocket, car or on vape battery unattended are not a valid means for exchange.

Delivery Conditions

$70+ orders FREE Delivery

$50 minimum order, subject to $5 Service Fee

All Raffle and Stamp card promos are subject to a $70 min. order.



Raffle on the 15th and last day of each month! Tickets expire in 6 months, check back for expiration date. $70 minimum order to claim prize.


Edibles: BUY 5 GET 1

Buy 5 of the same edibles at regular price and get 1 FREE. Free item equal or lesser value, limit 5 per order. Excludes TetraLabs.


Stamp Club

Collect 5 Stamps, CHOOSE ONE: Edible (up to $12), House Gram ($10 gram's) or Cone Joint. Minimum $70 order required to redeem card.


Free Samples

$50+ orders receive FREE Kief, Bud or Single Dose Edible sample. Availability may vary, ask your dispatcher for more information.

Free Joint Friday

What better way to say TGIF but with #freejointFriday. Minimum $50 order required.

Kiefy Pre-Rolls

23 thoughts on “Call or Text: 760-274-5838

  1. First let me start by saying that I was very new to the MMJ community and after some browsing around I finally found a dispensary that ACTUALLY cares about it’s customers. I usually call with a question since I’m experimenting to find the right medicine for me, and its always answered, and I’m always satisfied. The people who answer the phone are extremely friendly and knowledgable and they make you want to come back. Second the drivers are awesome, hands down the fastest delivery time. 1 hour from anytime I call and place the order I know my medicine will be here, also I’ve called and placed orders for later times and those have also always been on time. The drivers are also very friendly and don’t make anything awkward. The good thing about them is they also know a lot about the products they sell. One driver always comes in and chats with me, makes sure my veteran discount is applied, mentions new products that might suite me, or how they may effect me. (I’m a lightweight with THC). Third is the product, let me start by saying that I personally will never buy bud from anyone other then Beach420. I really enjoy the synopsis of how they say bud tastes/smells/will effect you. (It’s generally always been pretty accurate for me). There’s always new strains to try and old ones to fall back on. I just recently bought 3.5 grams of Cherry Diesel, it really helps me out with the jitters and anxiety that I experience on a daily basis AND when using THC. It’s the feeling that I want, the pain relief, the reduction of anxiety that I feel everyday due to PTSD and it smells/tastes great. In conclusion, Beach420 is a community, when you become a patient here you become apart of a group of people that accept you and want to help you. If you live within the delivery range I suggest you give them a try, I highly doubt you will be disappointed. They offer first time patient incentives, veteran incentives (which I personally take part of), things like “Free Joint Fridays” and “Free samples”. One time I even told the person on the phone I was having trouble rolling joints and they threw in a free perfect joint rolling machine. I am so pleased with Beach420 and I recommend them to everyone and anyone who consumes medical Cannabis.

    1. Second the above comment. Relatively new and glad I contacted Beach420. Drivers are great, service is first rate. Always prompt, always friendly when I call. Willing to chat and offer advice about various products based upon what I tell whoever I talk to. Very helpful. I don’t buy anywhere else. They’ve earned my business and loyalty.

    2. This is exactly how I feel about Beach420, their delivery drivers and dispatcher. They even helped my cat with her seaizures with the “Mary’s Pets” CBD gel pen. I put a predosed squeeze of gel in her ear once or twice a day and she has not had an episode after a month. I am a loyal member and usually call
      On Fridays for the free joints and I get a free edible with my order when I get to the required limit. I’ve even won the raffle few times. These peeps have been there for me for over 3 years and even after I moved my trustworthy and friendly drivers were still there so it’s like seeing a concerned, genuine face everytime they deliver. That with the loyalty punch card, raffle
      Tickets and free goodies and daily deals, excellent customer service makes them the only Dispensary for me. Smiles everyone, smiles!

  2. So before I go any further, I just wanna say this place is AMAZING! I just recently got my rec and spent quite some time looking into different dispensaries as I am still fairly new to this. Since the first conversation I had with them, I got nothing but good vibes. You can definitely tell they care about their customers and take things into consideration. I had lots and lots of questions about how things work along with some product knowledge and got very quick and friendly responses. I already feel so welcomed and that alone means a lot. I’m beyond happy that I chose to contact Beach420 and stick with it because as I mentioned before, I looked into a few others and didn’t feel nearly as good about things as I do here. I will without a doubt be recommending this spot to friends!

  3. Just did my first order from The lady who answered the phone was very helpful. It was fast and easy to order. The driver was quick and fast and I didn’t feel uncomfortable when paying. I most definitely found my Marijuana dispensary

  4. Beach 420 was truly the most comfortable professional company I couldn’t ask for more. I was a little nervous because I had never really had somebody come over I’m a new patient and I had nothing to be nervous about they made me so comfortable they went over the order to make sure it was perfect there happened to be a slight little mistake so they over corrected that by showing up later and bring in the right item +2 items as the I’m sorry gift these people are amazing they’re not out to get your money they’re there to help you bring you what you need to make sure you have everything that you need that they possibly can give you I love Beach 420 as a business and wonderful employees
    🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟- 5 Stars 😊❤️

  5. If you like Beach420, let them know it by posting your comments, then refer all your friends looking for top shelf medicine, friendly helpful service and super nice punctual drivers. I’ve been a patient for over a year and they always live up to what they represent. I place my order on line, they promptly call to confirm the order in a kind and informative way. They process your order fast and deliver on time every time. I love the raffles and the promotional gifts. Their generosity and service makes me tell everyone I know that Beach420 is the place like no other. All these services, perks and a great crew of people keep me loyal. Beach420, don’t ever change with your success and I, as well as my friends will keep coming back. Anybody shopping for a reliable honest dispensary, look no further, Beach420 is the go to place that feels like family! You “guys” are the best! RB

  6. New to the MMJ community. Everyone at Beach420 is friendly, informative, and willing to answer any noob questions I may have. I was referred to you guys by my cousin and I’m definitely going to refer any friends who are looking for top shelf medicine and friendly folks. Thanks again for the help. Incredibly punctual with deliveries too. I look forward to my next order!

    1. Can some one let me know if this is legit and if there is any requirements for sale?

      And how good is service and if it’s reliable

  7. My first transaction was great. They were very helpful, and it was an easy verification process and they hooked up the delivery with a few goodies for being a FTP. I’m back for another order. The raffle is awesome, will be even better when they pull my ticket!

    1. Yes, open to California Residents 21+ years with valid Prop 215 Doctor’s Recommendation for Medical Cannabis use.

    2. yes this is legit and the best delivery in the area, always very good product and great drivers. very professional

  8. I simply love these guy’s. I felt they cared more about me and that I got the correct product for my situation than the profit they were making off the sales.

  9. VERY fair and reasonable pricing.

    Great price specials.

    Convenience of delivery.

    Accepts cards

    You’re considering some other place over here?

    C’mon man.

  10. With the recent legalization of Marijuana decision in November are we still required to have the physician approval certificate?

    1. For ordering with us at Beach420, yes. Until the state completes their “roll out” of new regulations. This is expected by January 1, 2018.

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